On The Road – A Painting Pause

11 09 2009

A short pause in the work on Segment 1 is required as I travel for business.  Hope the good weather hangs in there…Should be back at work on Sep 20 – stay tuned!


Defying the Rain

7 09 2009

Got a bit more done today in spite of the variable weather.  The day started off cloudy and then got sunny just before noon.  I took a chance and brought my sun shade canopy with me just in case things really heated up, though the temps were cooler (I even wore socks under my sandals).  After getting to work  the sun did, in fact, come out and start cooking me again.  I set up the sun shade canopy and within 10 minutes a big storm cloud swooped in and it began to pour rain in earnest.  Thankfully, the deep overhang on that part of the building, as well as the shelter from the canopy, kept me pretty dry.  Though there was quite a “creek” of water gushing through the parking lot!

Managed to finish the little girls arms and her dad’s hand, his trousers and started mom’s skirt.  Hopefully I can get some more done after work this week – rain clouds permitting!  New pictures of progress posted at http://www.flickr.com/photos/mural41/3898419651/in/set-72157622259878570/

Official Survey – Name That Girl!

6 09 2009

Take our official survey to name the little girl from Segment 1.  Thanks, SurveyMonkey!

More Rain = More Sketch Time

6 09 2009

Another rainy day!  Boo!  Not too swell for mural painting outdoors, but just fine for working on character sketches and planning.  Dr. Karl has suggested “Julia” – after Julia Askew, first European child born in Chemainus – as the name for the little girl in Segment 1.  However, Ms. Askew was born in 1900 and the setting for the mural is supposed to be the mid-1860’s.  I get a little bit of artistic license, but I can’t wiggle famous historical persons birthdays by 40ish years!  So how about we name her Elizabet so she is no longer anonymous?  Elizabet was the third most popular name from that time period.

Please vote on naming the little girl from segment 1, Elizabet.  Feel free to suggest different names.  A final decision will be rendered by September 20.

Welcome to Mural 41’s Story

5 09 2009

Hi!  Here you will find the unfolding story of the creation of Mural 41 as well as stories about the people who visit during the progress of the mural and anything else interesting that might occur.  If you have questions, ask away!  If you have feedback, please share it.  The murals of Chemainus are more than just paintings on a wall.  They are the story of the town’s history, a celebration of evolution and survival in an ever-changing economy and, most importantly, a study in community and how a town can work together to make something totally unique and beautiful.

So, join me on this amazing trip through Mural Town!

A Mixed Weather Day Off

5 09 2009

After working in the scorching sun yesterday and getting quite a bit of paint detail on the little girl in the foreground of segment one, I’ve had an enforced day off painting thanks to a day of mixed rain and windy weather.

I had hoped to spend the entire day at work on Segment 1 – and had even retrieved my 10′ x 10′ canopy from storage to afford a bit of shade – but it seems I jinxed the weather by doing that!  Well, it provided an excellent opportunity to get Mural 41’s blog, Flickr page, Twitter  and YouTube up and running.

Stay tuned for more photos, videos, tweets and news about the work and the people who visit!