About Mural 41

Mural 41 is the newest addition to the Chemainus Festival of Murals project.  The mural – a five piece “story” in pictures – will cover aproximately 2200 square feet and three sides of the Chemainus Seniors Drop-In Centre.  Segment 1 will cover the southern wall facing the centre’s parking lot and downtown Chemainus.  Segments 2-4 will be spaced on the eastern wall facing Willow Street.  Segment 5 – the largest piece, spanning 60 feet by 18 feet – will be on the northern wall facing the alley.

The mural is designed with the idea that Segments 1-4 will feature people traveling north toward the large Segment 5 wall.  The orientation of the Segment 1-4 figures are designed to draw the attention and interest toward the Segment 5 wall.

The Chemainus Festival of Murals Society is a non-profit, volunteer organization formed in 1981 by resident and businessman Karl Schutz, a group of volunteers, and the committed support of then mayor Graham Bruce, and the municipal council, to revitalize the town Chemainus following economic hardship.  The vision of a town filled with creative and historical murals led to winning the prestigious New York Downtown Revitalization Award in 1983.  Chemainus has since gained world-wide acclaim for the integrity and superb artistry of its huge depictions of the town’s history with 41 outdoor murals plus carvings and statues.

The Chemainus Seniors’ Drop-In Centre, started in 1980 in a small rented building and today is housed in an 8750 sq ft building owned by the members. The CSDC is a vibrant non-denominational centre with over 500 members, and offers a wide variety of programs, activities and classes as well as special events and community activities. Membership is open to any seniors 55 years+ — or to associate members with a spouse of 55 years+ — and costs only $15 a year per person. The Chemainus Seniors’ Drop-In Centre is run by the members and encourages active participation.


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