Walking On The Edge of the Mural…

28 07 2010

BalancingGot the top of Mt. Brenton added into Section 2 last night. As it is right at the top of the mural space, I have to perch on top of the scaffolding.  I sure don’t like working at the very top of that scaffolding (aprox 18′) with no rails!  Every gust of wind felt like it was going to lift me up and toss me to the ground.  Talk about vertigo (just don’t look down, just don’t look down!  Hopefully the line of Mt. Brenton isn’t too wiggly as a result – lol!

New photos are posted on Flickr!


Section Two Begins!

26 07 2010

Started the big section of the mural on Saturday, preparing the wall and painting with gesso.  Got a nice helping hand on the paint rolling from Dr. Karl Schutz – and a nice little sunburn from our beautiful weather.  Planning to start the actual colour painting after work Monday.  Hoping this will go faster than Section 1 did!

Section 2 Wall for Mural 41

The "Blank Canvas" for Section 2

Section One is Finished!

23 07 2010
Section 1 of Mural 41 is Finished!

Section 1 of Mural 41 is Finished!

It’s official – on Tuesday, July 20, 2010, a warm, sunny evening, I added my signature to the finished section one of Mural 41.  Dr. Karl Schutz, the founder of the Chemainus Murals project was there to document the moment with photos.  I’ve made some significant changes to the work over the past few weeks, modifying some background, adding a rocky path, putting in indigenous flowers and making changes to the main figures.  I had heard from a number of people who felt the little girl at the centre of the mural, Elizabet, wasn’t “quite right”.  A number of people expressed concern about the angle of her head and, truth be told, I wasn’t completely happy with where she was at.  I’ve since modified her face and all feels right with Elizabet’s world now.  I also made some changes to Dad’s head and legs, added highlights and shadows to all the figures and finished off various and sundry foliage.  The final result is a great lead-in to the big section that I’ll begin later today.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to root me on and all the visitors from around the world who stopped by – I really appreciate your support!