Mural 41 is Back!

12 06 2010

After a stop and start Spring, it looks like great weather has finally returned to Chemainus.  And Mural 41 is back on track!  Worked for a big chunk of the day last Sunday (June 6).  Saturday had been sunny and gorgeous after weeks of drizzly weather, but I was three weeks overdue to cut the grass (a 2 hour operation) as well as work on the garden, groceries, errands, etc.  By the time all that was done, it was too late to start painting.  I expected Sunday to be just a nice so imagine my chagrin to wake up to overcast, cool weather!  Determined, I went painting anyway and managed to fit in four solid hours before the rain started again.

Today, June 12, I got up early (with an assist by brainy cat, Frankie, who wanted a drink out of the faucet) and got a good start on the day – as sunny and gorgeous as anyone could ask for.  Which was great until about 2pm when my feet and face were radiating the warmth of a new sunburn.  Time for a lunch break and then back to work again around 6pm.  That should give me 2-3 hours of light – without the microwave effect.

Thanks to Dr. Karl Schutz for the loan of the mural artist sign (“look, take pics, but please do not disturb”), which seems to be working fairly well!  Many fewer interruptions which helps the work go much faster.  Did have a few visitors that Chemainus Seniors Drop-In Centre members handled.  Murray Schafer and Connie Falconer fielded questions and gave explanations while I painted away.  Connie’s folks came all the way from Melbourne, Australia.  G’Day, mates!

Looking forward to another beautiful and productive day tomorrow.  A Japanese TV show is coming on Monday afternoon to film for a travelogue show.  Should be interesting – will try and get details and pictures posted Monday night!

New pictures of progress posted today on Flicker:




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