Busy Weekend With A “Speedbump”

27 09 2009

A hot, sunny weekend resulted in some really progress on Segment 1.  Unfortunately, that included a small step back for the 4 or 5 steps forward accomplished.  On Saturday, I managed to complete Dad’s face only to decide after 3.5 hours, that I didn’t like that sneaky leer he was sporting.  So I stopped and worked on Elizabet’s siblings, getting quite a bit finished.  Then Saturday night I thought about possible ways to improve Dad’s looks and all I concluded was, “Just start over!”

So, Sunday morning, bright and early, I painted over dad’s face.  Wah!  I always hate to erase a lot of work, but it’s important that the figures have welcoming expressions.  I decided to work on Mom today and leave Dad for the end.  Managed to finish most of mom’s face and laid the groundwork for dad.  Much happier with the results of today’s labours!  Photos are posted on our Flickr page and a new video will be ready by Tuesday.

One of the drawbacks of a sunny weekend like we’ve enjoyed is that there are a lot of interruptions during the working process.  Our friendly Chemainus visitors are so happy to talk with someone at work on a mural.  Everyone wants to know 1) How long will it take to finish, 2) Are you an artist, and 3) Tell me how much they enjoy Chemainus.  It’s impossible to not stop and chat with such nice visitors – but it doesn’t do much for my paintbrushes which keep drying out during these breaks.  It’s especially challenging when I’m working on a wet detail area and really can’t stop.  I’ve painted over a number of places so I can start over when this happens.  But it doesn’t matter – everyone has been so nice and so enthusiastic.

Friendly Bavarian Visitors

Friendly Bavarian Visitors

Saturday morning our first visitors were a lovely German-Bavarian couple who were pleased that I could remember a bit of my German.  We chatted briefly about the mural and their home and my childhood in Germany.  The told me their name for our murals – which is a Bavarian dialect word – was Luftlmalerei (with an umlaut over the first ‘u’).  A subsequent conversation with our inimitable Dr. Karl revealed that they are more properly called Wandgemalte (with the umlaut over the last ‘a’).  Whatever the word, Chemainus murals are well loved and much admired!


Also, a special hello to all the horse-drawn carriage tours and our very own train tour driver – love sending a cheery wave to those happy tourists!

I’ll be back to work tomorrow afternoon trying to finish up as much as I can before the Tour de Rock Breakfast on Tuesday morning.  Wish me luck!




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