Back at Work in the BC Sunshine!

20 09 2009

Happily, I am back from my travels, and what a return!  A great article by Warren Goulding for the Sunday Victoria Times-Colonist (page A12) that sent droves of visitors to stop by and chat while I worked on the mural today.  Plus, gorgeous, gorgeous sunshine!  Unfortunately, with all the visitor traffic I spent more time stopped and answering questions than working on Segment 1.  But I did get some more accomplished and a photo of today’s work is already posted on Flickr at

I hear the rest of the week is supposed to be equally sunny so I look forward to making some real tracks on Segment 1 this week.  The pressure’s on, as the Tour de Rock reception and breakfast at the Chemainus Seniors Drop-In Centre is planned for Sept 29 and I’d like to finish as much as I can before then so we have a nice backdrop for the rider’s visit.

Today is also the day we post the results from the “Name the Little Girl” survey.  After tallying the votes the results are an overwhelming lead for “Elizabet”.  Other names that rated well were Pheobe, Inez, Caroline, Janice, Susan, Connie, Annie, and Julie.  Sadie, Sarah and Mary were suggested, but did not receive any votes.  Therefore we have now settled on Elizabet as the name for the little girl in Segment 1.  Thank you to everyone for your suggestions and participation.  We’ll run more surveys about the mural as the work progresses, so stay tuned!




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