More Rain = More Sketch Time

6 09 2009

Another rainy day!  Boo!  Not too swell for mural painting outdoors, but just fine for working on character sketches and planning.  Dr. Karl has suggested “Julia” – after Julia Askew, first European child born in Chemainus – as the name for the little girl in Segment 1.  However, Ms. Askew was born in 1900 and the setting for the mural is supposed to be the mid-1860’s.  I get a little bit of artistic license, but I can’t wiggle famous historical persons birthdays by 40ish years!  So how about we name her Elizabet so she is no longer anonymous?  Elizabet was the third most popular name from that time period.

Please vote on naming the little girl from segment 1, Elizabet.  Feel free to suggest different names.  A final decision will be rendered by September 20.




One response

6 09 2009
Karl Schutz

To me she looks more like a ‘Julie’ than a “Elizabet” but I think it will be the perogative of the artist to name her characters.
Cheers Dr. Karl

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